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I am currently an associate professor of Rhetoric & Cultural Studies at Louisiana State University in the Department of Communication Studies. I am an affiliate faculty member in the Department of African and African American Studies as well as the Screen Arts Program and the  Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program.


I am a critic of media, rhetoric, and culture. My writing explores how oppressive ideologies are manifested and naturalized in modernity through communication, and also how communication is wielded by historically resistant/oppressed bodies and communities as a resource for creating a more just and equitable world. My work is rooted in the wisdom emergent from the embodied theory/critique/activism of decolonial feminists, Native & Indigenous peoples, abolitionists, historical materialists, Black feminists, woman of color feminists, and trans/queer of color feminists. I have work published in Departures in Critical Qualitative ResearchJournal of Communication Inquiry, Women’s Studies in Communication, Quarterly Journal of Speech, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, and Journal of Homosexuality. My book, Just Vengeance: The Cultural Politics of Punishing Rapists, is under contract with Ohio State University.

I am also a justice-driven teacher of communication critique and praxis. I regularly teach courses such as:

  • Argumentation & Debate

  • Communication & Gender

  • Communication & Power

  • Communication & Sexualities

  • Rape, Consent, & Culture

  • Gender, Race, and Class in the Media

  • Communication as Culture

  • Ideology, Hegemony, & Consciousness

  • Queer Futures

  • Feminist Critique 

You can learn more about my academic work by checking out my vita here.

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