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Hi. I am Ashley (pronouns: they/them). I'm a Pisces sun with a Leo moon. I work at a university for a living, but I walk this life wearing many hats: friend, co-conspirator, genderqueer buddhist practitioner, witch, writer, foster parent, and creative.


I have spent my academic career researching about how communication is a resource for both manifesting and challenging social inequality. I am deeply curious about how communication limits and expands what we imagine is possible. You can learn more about my academic work here. 


I grew up in both Arizona and Minnesota. I was raised by a single mom who is now retired and overly active on Facebook and likes all of my posts on Instagram 😀 My adult life has taken me to Bowling Green (KY), Austin (TX), Detroit (MI), New Orleans (LA), Hattiesburg (MS), and now Baton Rouge (LA). I have two siblings, three niblings, two doggies, some kiddos, and a partner.


I spend most of my free time enjoying the present moment, watching YouTube, joy-scrolling on Instagram, reading tarot, creating art, baking, laughing at memes, taking pictures, learning how to make and do things I have not made or done before, and doing what I can to help us all get free. 

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